Hospitality - Hotel & Restaurant

Towels you can easily ask your guests to use several times without compromising on luxury or comfort. Towels and other items stay fragrant, because they are antibacterial by nature, as opposed conventional textiles. Aprons, tea towels, dishcloths and napkins that last 3 times longer than cotton or bamboo ... Clean bedding that is, well, clean. And super-sustainable. - Pure luxury for your guests, a pure conscience for all of you. Feels great, lasts long, ages with grace. Can be washed and ironed professionally at 40-80 °C.

Get our inspirational brochure for hospitality here. With references and examples of what we can offer to the hospitality industry.

Below our main items for hospital with rough wholesal prices. – Write to us at and get a wholesale offer on items in your own measurements, colours and details.