Pure Luxury. A Pure Conscience. Verified...

Antibacterial, always smells nice, requires less wash.

Hemp textile is pure – or clean – luxury: Hemp textile is soft and always smell nice. Antibacterial by nature, so mould, rot or bad odours hardly ever occur. Very unlike cotton, which can develop unpleasant signs of mould and rot after a short time of use. Therefore, some cotton products, e.g. towels, are coated with an antibacterial substance (silver chloride) to reduce these drawbacks. Wouldn´t you prefer natural luxury to "added luxury"? Hemp fabric also lasts 3 times longer than cotton. – Pure, natural luxury.

If water is wet, then hemp is organic.

Always. So, you can buy hemp textile with a clear, pure conscience. Hemp is organic and environmentally super-sustainable by nature. The plant is antibacterial and therefore has no benefit from either herbicides or insecticides. Very unlike cotton. Hemp does not need irrigation. Cotton, also organic cotton, needs 5000 litres of water per. kg. fibre*. Hemp requires only l,1 m2 land for cultivation, cotton 3,3 m2. This leaves 2 m2 where, for example, food could be grown. Cotton absorbs 5 tonnes of CO2 per hectare. Hemp absorbs 22 tonnes, or 2,0 kg per kg fibre – A pure conscience, indeed.


All of these characteristics are documented through publicly available scientific research. As for the antibacterial qualities, your personal luxury, we also have several years of practical experience: Dish cloths do not go sour. Towels that have spent days in a damp bathroom or weeks in a golf bag still smell like a meadow. – Verified.