Chef's Apron Herringbone 100x75 cm w. Large Print

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Stays fresh. Lasts long.

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100% Hemp, undyed, unbleached, Large-print version. Natural Grey, Herringbone weave, 300 GSM (Gram per Square Meter). Lasts about 3 times longer than cotton. Needs fewer washes at lower temperatures. This cool and sturdy apron can be used to what an apron was meant for: Just get cracking with cutting, slicing, boiling and frying while drying your hands without constantly worrying too much about hygiene. The meal is bound to be great, or at least you and your guests will be safe and sound! With a practically designed neck-closure you can easily adjust on the move.

Available standard with brand label. Tested for restaurant use. Can be ordered in quantity with your own print (area as shown picture 1) or embroidered with own logo. Can be delivered dyed (GOTS) as desired.

By normal use 30-40?. The apron has been tested for professional use up to 60?. See also CARE-section for more information.