Hemp Cph Covid Mask Teen 25 cm Natural Grey 2-pack

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Double layer w. pocket for extra filter

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How it works:
The main purpose of a face mask is to block particles from your sneezes, coughs, spit from talking etc., so you protect others. When others wear a mask they protect you. 

A plain mask (or bandana, scarf, handkerchief) will ensure particles do not move more than about 30 cm away from you instead of ca. 2 meters. Thus, your risk of infecting others is reduced by around 80%. Your “incoming risk” is reduced by around 40% with a plain mask (if bystanders are not wearing masks).

In the Hemp CPH mask you can insert an extra filter to protect yourself more. E.g. a CE-14683-grade mask which blocks 95-98% of all incoming particles and germs.

If everybody wore a mask when called for, e.g. in shops, trains, buses, there would be little reason to employ disposable and “un-sustainable” filters, unless you are in a high-risk group. Talk to your doctor about this.

Disposable filters should be replaced regurlarly (daily), while the Hemp CPH mask can be washed (60° C) indefinitely. Tumble dry or iron for immediate softness.

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