For the living room, nursery, any room, your terrace or balcony. Hemp fabric has a special glow that is seen even when dyed. Hemp fabric is antibacterial and resists most fungi. Therefore, it does not mold in humid conditions, should a surprise shower happen while you are on weekend or on holiday. Decorative sofa-pillow covers, throw-pillow covers, in square or long sizes, 100% hemp, in a multitude of colors.

Lasts long. Ages gracefully. Cover your current pillows and contribute even more to the well-being of the planet. Dyed with GOTS-certified dye.

Hemp is antibacterial by nature. Cotton is not. Hemp is naturally organic, since it needs no pesticides or herbicides to grow. Hemp uses far fewer scarce resources than other natural textiles, particularly cotton. If you buy 1 kg hemp textile instead of 1 kg cotton textile the planet will save ca. 2,0 kg CO2, 2 M2 land and 5000 L fresh water (global averages).