Sleep Bag Baby 100% Hemp 40x62 cm

81,10 EUR

Slits for car- or stroller-seatbelt. Filling: fast-drying poly fibre. Order-item. Delivery 3-4 weeks.

Weight: 0,35 kg
Stock status: In stock

For Baby, 0-6 months, minimum weight 4 kg. With slits front and back for the carseat belt or stroller belt. Textile: NF Fine Weave 220 GSM. Filling: recycled polyester fibre for fast drying. Zipper 2/3 round from the right shoulder. Shoulder button of coconut shell. Slits front and back for the carseat belt, so you do not have to drag Baby out of it´s comfort when you are going for a drive or a stroll. Internal flabs prevent draft from slits when Baby is out of the carseat or stroller.

Hemp is antibacterial by nature. Cotton is not. Give your baby a soft sleep bag that repels bugs and bacteria, possibly also dust mites, leading to fewer rashes and allergies. Hemp requires far fewer of the planet´s scarce resources, compared to all other natural textiles. – A sustainable start for your baby and the entire family.

More about sustainability and other benefits of hemp textiles here.

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