Hooded Towel Black (GOTS) 90x90 cm

70,30 EUR

GOTS-dyed. Stays fresh in the bathroom. Order-item. Delivery 3-4 weeks.

Weight: 0,7 kg
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Textile: Hemp Terry 650 GSM (Gram per Square Meter). GOTS-dyed. Hemp terry loops with backing of organic cotton. Black is the new black! A super-cool, hooded towel for drying and wrapping baby or toddler after the bath. Can be used as a Bat-Cape, too...

The luxurious feeling starts when you touch a Hemp Copenhagen item. Finely woven, hemp is softer has a much cleaner feel than most other textiles, even after prolonged use. The clean feeling is no coincidence: Hemp fabric is antibacterial by nature. Cotton is not. Research  and our own tests confirm this. In addition, hemp is super-sustainable:

The antibacterial properties and the dense growth mean that no insecticides or herbicides are needed for cultivation. And only 1/3 land and usually no irrigation is needed (cotton: approx. 5000 L / kg fiber).

Order-item. Delivery 3-4 weeks.

More about sustainability and other benefits of hemp textiles here.

You will find a care-label on all our products. See also CARE-section for more information.


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