Fitted Sheet Natural Grey 100% Hemp

Price from 128,00 EUR

Treat yourself and your family to soft, luxuirious sheets that repel bugs and bacteria, possibly also dust mites. Hemp requires no chemicals to grow and far fewer of the planet´s scarce resources vs. all other natural textiles.– A sustainable plus for you and your family.

Order-item. Delivery 3-4 weeks.



Fabric: NF IVORY Plain weave 100% European Hemp, 220 GSM. 

Colour/Bleach: Bleached with Peroxide (H2O2), which turns into water and Oxygen in the process.

Details: Sewn-in, durable rubberband for solid fit.

Care: Care label also has QR-scan to our detailed CARE-section, also to under Information-dropdown. 

Delivery: 3-4 weeks (Order item).

Options: Hemp Copenhagen Custom-made beddings. See also our KIDS-section.


Hemp is antibacterial by nature. Cotton is not. Hemp is naturally organic, since it needs no pesticides or herbicides to grow. Hemp uses far fewer scarce resources than other natural textiles, particularly cotton. If you buy 1 kg hemp textile instead of 1 kg cotton textile the planet will save ca. 2,0 kg CO2, 2 M2 land and 5000 L fresh water (global averages).