Bathrobe Natural White

313,60 EUR

Treat yourself to a thick luxury bathrobe. Dryes fast. Perfect for "winter-bathing" a popular Danish pastime – at near-zero water temperature!. Enjoy 30% better absorbancy and 3 times longer lifetime.

Hemp requires no chemicals to grow and far fewer of the planet´s scarce resources vs. all other natural textiles



Fabric: Terry towel of 100% hemp loops with backing of organic cotton.

Colour/Bleach: Natural White, un-bleached. Or coloured: GOTS-dyes only. 

Details: Belt is fixed on the back, so you never loose it!

Care: Care label with basic info and QR-scan to our detailed care-section.

Delivery: Denmark: 1-2 days, Europe: 1-3 days, Overseas: 3-5 days.

Options: Size Medium and Large. See Guide.

Hemp is antibacterial by nature. Cotton is not. Hemp is naturally organic, since it needs no pesticides or herbicides to grow. Hemp uses far fewer scarce resources than other natural textiles, particularly cotton. If you buy 1 kg hemp textile instead of 1 kg cotton textile the planet will save ca. 2,0 kg CO2, 2 M2 land and 5000 L fresh water (global averages).