You will find washing instructions on all our products (see picture).

Wash at 30° C since it is usually not necessary to disinfect the fabric. You and the planet thus save approx. 30% energy compared to washing at 40° C. Nevertheless, the fabric can withstand up to 60 ℃ to remove stains. Or better: use stain remover. As with all natural fabrics, shrinkage increases at higher temperatures. 

Use a descaler (not fabric softener) for immediate softness. All natural fibers incl. hemp absorbs calcium and magnesium crystals, which are found in hard water. Furthermore, research suggests hard washing water can cause eczema in children. 

Avoid bleaching. Line-dry if possible, and save energy. Thereafter iron medium ·· This will give the right soft feel (as the ironing chrushes the crystals from the water). Tumble drying gives an immediate fluffyness, but can cause linting, especially with towels. Wash separately, the first 2-3 times. (At the first few washes, the fabric may lint). Always wash with uniform colors.