You will find care instructions handy on the care label on all our items. There are choices, if you are focused on environmental impact and carbon-footprint. You can do very well with only wash and line-drying, which gives a more roustique and soft feeling. However, all the alternatives given will in our experience ensure a comfortable sleeping-, playing- or bathing-experience for babies, toddlers and adults. The fabric goes softer and softer with use and after each wash.

Wash at 30℃, since there is normally no need to disinfect the fabric. You and the planet also save at least 30% energy, compared to a 40℃ wash. If needed, the fabric can take higher temperatures (40-60℃) to remove stains.  Or better, use a stain-remover. As with all natural fabrics, high temperatures can cause shrinking above normal.

Use a decalcifier: Hemp fibres absorb calcium- and magnesium-crystals, found in hard water. Therefore, use a decalcifier | water softener (not a fabric softener) if your water is hard. Also, research indicates hard water, used for washing, can cause eczema in children.

Do not bleach. If you do bleach, you weaken the fabric, as is the case with any natural fabric.  

Line dry and save energy, Iron medium ·· This will get you the right smooth and soft feel for Baby. Or tumble-dry, no iron needed.

Wash seperately, the first 2-3 times. At the first washes, the fabric may lint.  Alway wash with same colours.