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With a Danish and international background in branded baby textiles we are a newly formed company, focused on truly new products with new materials, re-defining luxury in home textiles for Baby & Family: Today, luxury is not just about superior quality and brand-image but also about the feeling of a clean conscience. Our hemp textiles are all organic, sustainable and antibacterial by nature. This can mean fewer rashes, itches, allergies and symptoms from childhood diseases. Better sleep for all, better conscience, better life. Responsible Luxury. Natural Luxury.

Official logo: Offcial stamp: Official product label:

Hemp Copenhagen Co., founded in 2017, is based in Denmark´s Capital Region of Greater Copenhagen. We focus on developing, producing and selling high-quality baby textiles, home textiles and accessories under our own brand name, predominantly made of 100% (organic) hemp or mixes with organic cotton. Our products are designed in Denmark by us, copyrighted by us, and are produced mainly in the EU.

The horse appearing on our logo, stamps and label is a rendering of a viking-age charm from ca. 850 A.D., found in the Baltic area, about a day´s sail from Denmark. The vikings went much further than that. And they did not just plunder. They also traded far, far away. We hope to do the same.

We cater to retailers and directly to consumers via our own webshop, found on this site. Our webshop delivers to all countries in the EU and selected countries outside the EU. We accept most major credit and debit cards, and payment methods, please see below. We accept payments in Danish Kroner or Euro.

Consumers|Webshop-customers: You can see the exact amount you are charged in DKK or EUR by selecting the currency at the bottom of the product-list pages. Please see further information under "TERMS". Please be aware that we cannot answer telephone calls from private consumers. If you have a question about a product or related question, please email us on webshop@hemp-copenhagen.dk – and we will answer you!

Registered retailers, worldwide, are welcome to suggest an online cash-order or credit-cooperation by mail to: reseller@hemp-copenhagen.dk. Credit-cooperation is subject to approval by our credit-insurance agency. With an online-cooperation you get a B2B login with your dealer-discounts and other terms, pre-set, and you can order online at your convenience.

Company details & contact:

Hemp Copenhagen Co.
Part of Sinecho-brandpoint · DK CVR 2968 2453
CEO: Lars Lützhøft Christiansen
Office and showroom: Bernstorffsvej 135 · 2900 Hellerup · Denmark
email: info@hemp-copenhagen.dk · reseller@hemp-copenhagen.dk · Tel: +45 2088 8180
Official domains | Websites | Webshop: hemp-copenhagen.com · hemp-copenhagen.dk · hemp-copenhagen.de

We declare our product are produced of 100% hemp textile, unless otherwise stated. Other materials used can be organic cotton, used as backing for our terry towels or recycled polyester-fibre, used as fast-drying fillings in e.g. sleepbags and playing mats. Certificates of authenticity and production methods from our suppliers can be produced to relevant authorities. See copy here Dyes used, if any, are GOTS-certified.

The many virtues of hemp and hemp textile are documented and agreed upon by most industry and scientific authorities - as well as by many consumers by experience. However, we cannot in any way or form guarantee that babies, infants or adults will experience improved health, better sleep or fewer allergies as a result of using our products. Other factors can greatly influence both physical condition and quality of sleep. For a better life and better sleep you should always make sure you and your family exercise sufficiently and adhere to a healthy diet. You should always follow the advice of your physician/MD and other reckognised authorities in these matters.