With all of us as de facto caretakers of this planet, we at Hemp Copenhagen believe sustainability in anything we do and produce is neccessary for preserving the planet – and ourselves. Preserving us as a species, as a civilisation, for our own good and for the good of our children. For the good of the nature, plants and animals that surround us. – Even if you are not an animal- or nature-lover as such, you probably agree that Nature provides all of us with a spectacular backdrop for our existence.

Hemp as a serious CO2-reducer: Hemp absorbs 22-44 tonnes of CO2 per hectare, far more than forest-farming can produce. Learn more...

Sustainability is a matter of how we use finite resources, recycle, minimise waste and man-made greenhouse gasses, so we improve habitability. It is also a matter of ethics, science and common sense. Many smart solutions towards a sustainable and even good existence are handed to us by Nature.

How have we incorporated sustainablity in our business and even labeled it "Sustainable Luxury"? Learn more (ENGLISH)...  (DANISH)