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Chef´s Apron 100% Hemp Herringbone or Tudor

Chef´s Apron 100% Hemp Herringbone or Tudor

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100% Hemp, undyed, unbleached, Natural Grey, 300 GSM. Lasts about 3 times longer than cotton, 5 times longer than bamboo. Needs fewer washes at lower temperatures. With a practically designed neck-closure you can easily adjust on the move.

This cool apron can be used to what an apron was meant for: Just get cracking with cutting, slicing, boiling and frying while drying your hands without constantly worrying too much about hygiene. The meal is bound to be great, or at least you and your guests will be safe and sound!


100% European Hemp, Plain Weave, 200 GSM. Naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, stays fragrant. Great moisture absorption. Needs less frequent washing at lower temperatures.

Colours: Natural Grey or dyed with GOTS-certified dyes.

Different materials:

Dishcloths: Knitted 200 GSM

Dish towels: Plain weave or Twill (Herringbone) ca. 300 GSM

Aprons: Plain weave or Twill (Herringbone) ca. 300 GSM

Napkins: Plain weave, fine and rustic 200 GSM

Since Hemp textile is antbacterial by nature, normally you can wash all your hemp textiles less frequently, at lower termperatures (30-40°C), adding to the sustainability and longevity of your items.


As opposed to all other natural textiles, Hemp requires no pesticides or herbicides to provide a good yield. It needs little or zero irrigation (cotton 5000 L water/kg fibre). Hemp requires 1/3 of land to grow, compared to cotton, and it absorbs around 4 times the amount of CO2. See more on our section on Sustainability.

Care Instructions

Hotel & Restaurant: Our  textiles can be washed professionally at up to 80°C to remove fat-stains etc. Specific care instructions will follow each order.


Wash at 30° C since it is usually not necessary to disinfect the fabric. You and the planet thus save about 30% energy compared to washing at 40° C. However, the fabric can withstand up to 60? (80% for professional wash), e.g. to remove stains. Or better: use a stain remover. As with all natural fabrics, wear and shrinkage increases at higher temperatures (however, hemp does shrink less than cotton).

Hard water? All natural fibers incl. hemp absorbs calcium and magnesium crystals, which are found in hard water. Also, research suggests hard washing water can cause eczema in children. To soften the water add salt to the drum or vinegar in the softener-drawer. Or try this organic water-softener, you can buy online.

Avoid bleaching.

Line-dry if possible, and save energy. Iron medium ·· This will give the right soft feel (as the ironing crushes the crystals from the water).

Tumble drying gives an immediate softness and fluffIness, but too much can cause linting, especially with towels. So tumble-dry towels, separately / with same colours, tillsemi-dry, then line dry. Limited tumbling also saves energy and resources!

The main purpose of a face mask is to block particles from your sneezes, coughs, spit etc., so you protect others. When others wear a mask they protect you.

A hemp cloth mask, like ours can be washed and re-used indefinitely, and it will ensure particles do not move more than about 30 cm away from you instead of ca. 2 meters with no mask. Thus your risk of infecting others is reduced by around 80%. With a plain mask your “incoming risk” is reduced by around 40%, if bystanders are not wearing a mask. If they are the combined risk would be less than 5%.

In the Hemp CPH mask you can insert an extra filter to protect yourself more. E.g. a CE-14683-grade mask which blocks 95-98% of all incoming particles and germs.

If everybody wore a re-useable mask when called for, e.g. in shops, trains, buses, there would be little reason to employ disposable and “un-sustainable” masks and filters, unless you are in a high-risk group. Talk to your doctor about this.

Disposable filters should be replaced regurlarly (daily), while the Hemp CPH mask can be washed (60° C) indefinitely.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping days: Denmark: 1-2 days, Europe: 2-3 days, Overseas: 3-6 days. If out of stock: 3-4 weeks. Returns/Cancellations within 28 days. See our Returns Policy for details.

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